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Max Blagg

A Sheep is a Gift

  Christmas was coming. The rent was past due. A pile of chocolate colored powder lay on the table by the back window of the loft, a former machine shop with solid concrete floors and ceiling. Soundproof, bullet proof.  Photographs, newspaper clippings, magazine and manuscript pages were randomly pinned and taped to the walls. A […]

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Local Knowledge Video

  About Tom Haynes Tom Haynes is a photographer based in NYC. His commercial work has appeared in numerous magazines like Newsweek, Mademoiselle, Elle, and GQ. Tom Haynes is the art editor for Local Knowledge Magazine. His portfolios can be seen at his website: http://www.tomhaynesstudio.com.

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Local Knowledge Reading Series April 2019

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Joe Johnson at the Hudson Diner, New York City, May 2016. Photograph by Sanjay Agnihotri
joe johnson local knowledge magazine poetry

A Conversation with Joe Johnson

The following conversation with the poets, Joe Johnson and Harry Lewis, and the writer Sanjay Agnihotri took place at the Hudson Diner in NYC on May 31, 2016. SA: Your piece in this issue comes out of a larger piece, correct? JJ: Yes. When I was a kid, I grew up in Harlem, and I […]

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image for 100 blocks


neon night blue cervix indigo vulva neon on neon neon green black, red on on green neon night subway loose mouth sucking a hard knife te veo, you know, cuidado right subway rolling purple on track’s black te veo, you know, cuidado right platforms popcorn jellybeans niggers jamming white ho’s vasoline mulata muneca, wow, you […]

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Basil King

A Conversation with Basil King

The following interview with Basil King and Martha King took place on January 15, 2017 at the Kings’ residence in Brooklyn, New York.

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Woman swimming

2 Poems

Cleo at about 6:13 Regatta on Lake Union, Late July

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3 Poems

STUNTIN’ Free Time Wake Up Call

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girl walking in sun


We wore flouncy halter tops and ran from the boys who wanted to see if we had tits underneath. “Suckers!” We yelled, and ran down the block, back to my house. We went around to the side door and down into the cellar where it was cool. “Let’s take a rest,” said Renae. Plum fuzz […]

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man grinning

Close Encounter of the Celebrity Kind

OK, so I’m in Joe the Art of Coffee, the one on 13th Street near Union Square, it’s early Saturday morning, like 8 or 9, and this is the first thing that was kind of odd, because it’s a popular place, and typically there’s a bunch of people in there at that time — at […]

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