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a crowd of people


First I remember the silence. I remember the silence before I remember the noise even though the noise came before the silence. It was bone-chilling. It was hair-raising. It was blood-curdling. At one point, my friend turned to me and said, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, till human voices wake us and we drown.”

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wall with shadow

Getting Out of the Sun

Sunlight, shadow, sunlight again, washing over her, pouring through her windshield, darkness creeping behind it, but she maintained the important distinctions, road and not-road, until her diligence led her to an office building in a corporate park. She walked toward big glass doors reflecting an almost pastoral world behind her. She realized that she didn’t […]

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man walking into ocean


Everything is coming in waves today. You can’t remember the last time you felt like this. For months now you’ve been buried under a glacial sheet, all light faded. Only momentary glimmers burn through where you warm up and feel anything at all. But now a thawing has begun.

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Apartment buildings

The Famous Cedar Apartments

The rain has stopped for now. Pale kids emerge from the Cedar Apartments to play on the lumpy infield at the junior high; their evening late fall shadows are stretched tall to reach me.

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train station in fog

Somewhere Else

In Boulder Colorado I worked Kryptonics polyurethane factory only liked the tracks out back where every day I ran to watch the freight trains longing to go weeds broke the tar & tough earth

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aerial view


The blue of night meets no resistance with the dawn, going from darkness into faint early morning light. It is a new day. But it is also like any other day, only slightly different. The day he died was like any other, only shorter, thought Carmel. There is no hope and yet I remain the […]

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Starry Night

I find the number on a big black door. It’s a horror movie type of door. The kind that the girl pushes open and walks through, even though everybody in the audience is saying: “Don’t go in there.” It’s the early 80s and New York is still scary, especially these dark empty streets below Houston. […]

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