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image for 100 blocks


neon night blue cervix indigo vulva neon on neon neon green black, red on on green neon night subway loose mouth sucking a hard knife te veo, you know, cuidado right subway rolling purple on track’s black te veo, you know, cuidado right platforms popcorn jellybeans niggers jamming white ho’s vasoline mulata muneca, wow, you […]

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Woman swimming

2 Poems

Cleo at about 6:13 Regatta on Lake Union, Late July

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3 Poems

STUNTIN’ Free Time Wake Up Call

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Apartment buildings

The Famous Cedar Apartments

The rain has stopped for now. Pale kids emerge from the Cedar Apartments to play on the lumpy infield at the junior high; their evening late fall shadows are stretched tall to reach me.

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train station in fog

Somewhere Else

In Boulder Colorado I worked Kryptonics polyurethane factory only liked the tracks out back where every day I ran to watch the freight trains longing to go weeds broke the tar & tough earth

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